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Board on Board Fence
To eliminate unsightly cracks in between pickets we highly recommend considering a Board on Board Cedar Fence. These fences are built with a ¾ to 1 inch overlap. This effect creates a beautiful fence with depth and increased rigidity.

Split Rail Fence
Our wood split rail fencing delivers the protection farmers and ranchers are after while offering enduring beauty in a design that is easy to install.

Stockade Fence
Stockade fences are one of the most economical privacy fences available and may be painted or stained to match buildings and homes. Preassembled fence panels are easy to cut down in size to fit lot characteristics. 

Wood Picket Fence
Of all the things you might do to dress up your landscape, few have as much impact as adding a fence. And if it's a picket fence, your yard suddenly takes on a charm and character that's right up there with Mom and apple pie. It not only complements your home in appearance, a picket fence's physical presence defines your space for you and the rest of the neighborhood.

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